As the classic New Year’s song asks, “Should auld acquaintance be forgot?”

Not if our auld acquaintance is the Bush regime. Yes, our country will soon be getting a new beginning, and maybe, just maybe, we can put our country back on the right path. As we head that way, however, we ought not totally put out of mind the dark path we’ve been down the past eight, lest we allow future leaders to take us there again. Let’s long remember our old acquaintances of the Bush years.

Start, of course, with George W — what a guy! Just ask him, he’ll tell you. While he spent seven years and 11 months of his tenure trying to thwart media scrutiny of his life and actions, in this final month he’s suddenly popping up everywhere, eager to reveal the inner George. The essence of his self-assessment as president is that while not everything he pursued worked out perfectly, he should be viewed as a bold, transformative and even profound president. “An old sage,” he called himself during a December Q&A session.

Wow. A sage. What can you add to that? Let’s hope that some loved one thought to buy a tube of Reality Gripper for him as a Christmas gift.

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