Greetings from Colorado

Unusual things happen on the road. For example, Tuesday (yes, April Fool’s Day) I married John Weiss. Well, no, he married Delia, but I was the officiator of their wedding in Colorado Springs. And that’s no joke.

John is the founder and publisher of the Colorado Springs Independent, a spunky alternative news weekly that has been such a force for progressive change in this former right-wing bastion. The Independent hosted an afternoon book event at Colorado College drawing more than 250 people. We finished the book signing at 5:30pm, then we raced to John & Delia’s home for the 6:30pm ceremony held outdoors — outdoors, for God’s sake! — at the foot of Pike’s Peak in subfreezing cold. It was a wonderful wedding. Some 80 family members and friends sat swathed in blankets. One of John & Delia’s young sons (theirs was a long and complicated courtship) played “Here Comes the Bride” on trumpet, loving vows were exchanged, and by the powers vested in me by no one in particular, I pronounced them husband and wife. In Colorado, that’s perfectly legal. Just another day on this crazy tour.


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