Greetings from Minnesota

Thanks to today’s downsized, jammed and service-averse airlines, getting from place to place on this crazy tour is a draining grind. However, once on terra firma, I’m able to draw great energy and inspiration from the groups hosting the book events. On Thursday afternoon, I visited the spirited, dedicated young folks who run Peace Coffee in Minneapolis. They are leaders in the fair trade organic movement, not only putting progressive values at the core of their enterprise, but also achieving such business success that they’re now expanding their operations. I also visited with some of the leaders of Wellstone Action in St. Paul, another of the groups DeMarco and I celebrate in the book. Talk about success, this nationwide campaign training organization is helping hundreds of progressives get elected to school boards, city councils, legislatures and Congress. Thursday evening, some 400 Minnesotans came from as far as 5 hours away for a book event honoring these two groups. It was held in the basketball court of a Catholic church’s gym, and I spoke with a large floral cross behind me, and a large disco ball above me. It was an odd juxtaposition but altogether, it was a spiritual evening.


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