Dear Fellow Agitators,

I write to you with great news coming out of my great state of Texas. A strong, intelligent, trailblazing populist candidate is running for Texas Lieutenant Governor: Leticia Van de Putte.

In addition to serving as state senator, she’s the mother to six children, grandmother to six grandchildren and a practicing pharmacist, so Leticia knows how to get things done. Leticia is a smart, tough, scrappy, tenacious populist who fights for our workers, our children, our small business owners, our teachers, our veterans, and our elderly — and that drives the uber-conservative contingent of this great state crazy. Her far-right-wing opponent is backed by Big Money and wants to punish the working people of Texas by, among other things, raising the state’s sales tax to 20 percent.

Whether it’s $10, $50 or $100, every penny counts and is very much appreciated by Leticia and her hardworking, dedicated campaign staff. You can donate here.

Leticia’s importance goes beyond winning this powerful office: she’s blazing the trail for a new, progressive Texas. Texas plays a big role in our national politics, and Leticia winning a statewide office would mean big things for Democrats at the national level. Please consider donating to her campaign. Her opponent may have the Fat Cats, but she has us alley cats — and there’s a lot more of us than them.

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