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After years of insightful, award-winning television journalism, Bill Moyers’ final edition of his weekly PBS “Journal” will air this Friday evening, April 30. For his concluding show, Moyers features a discussion about “America’s real populism” with longtime populist agitator, Jim Hightower.

Hightower — a Texas-based author, radio commentator, nationally-syndicated columnist, and former statewide elected official — has spent the past 40 years carrying the banner of progressive populism across the country, battling the corporate powers that are running roughshod over working families, consumers, small business, and our environment.

In Friday’s “Journal,” Moyers draws on Hightower’s experiences and well-honed wit to draw the line between the real thing and what Hightower calls “the faux populist posturings” of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and other corporate-funded mouthpieces for America’s economic elites. In the hour-long broadcast, Moyers and Hightower highlight some of the current efforts that folks around the country are making to break the iron grip that big corporations have on our economy, environment, media, and government. One of the featured groups is Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, a feisty and successful grassroots organization working to empower and unite people from all walks of life to take control of their communities.

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NOTE: On Saturday, May 1 (the day after the Moyers show on populism airs), Hightower will host a day-long festival of talk, music, art, and food at Texas State University in San Marcos. Titled “The Living Spirit of Texas Populism: In Our Politics/In Our Culture,” the lively forum is presented by the university’s Wittliff Collections, which is the official repository for Hightower’s career archive. With two panel presentations, live music, a talk by Hightower, a reception featuring local food, and an open exhibit of the archive, the event will address the meaning and celebrate the future of true grassroots populism.

The event will run from 1 to 7 pm, and admission is free. For a list of panelists, musicians, and for other information about the event, contact: Laura Ehrlich at 512-477-5588, ext 1, [email protected] or Michele Miller at 512-245-2313 or [email protected].

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