There’s a fabulous interview on Buzzflash with Hightower that we couldn’t be prouder of– check it out:

Jim Hightower’s Tips on 21st Century Populism, and Obama’s Rare Opportunity — A BF Interview

BuzzFlash is a big Hightower fan. We’ve heard him speak several times and Jim’s got more Texas one-liners than LBJ after downing a bottle of Scotch, although we don’t suspect Hightower is a drinking man. He’s just a down home populist in a Twitter age. Not that Jim doesn’t know how to make an excellent use of the Internet to get his message across.


BuzzFlash: First off, as a native Texan, you must be celebrating George W. Bush’s return to your home state.

Jim Hightower: We’re all so very excited. He’s in his little ghetto in Preston Hollow and we’re totally sure that he’ll not be bothering us here in Austin or any other part of Texas.

BuzzFlash: What happened to his Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford?

Jim Hightower: He keeps insisting that he’s going to go back and forth to it pretty much as he did during the Presidency. His ranchero, as I call it, is a curious ranch in the sense that it has no cattle on it. That’s kind of rare in Texas to have a ranch but no livestock whatsoever on it. And in fact, of course, he built that in 1999 when Karl Rove was trying create an image for him as the cowboy president. But Laura doesn’t like the ranch, so I don’t think he’s going to be spending a lot of time there either. Maybe he’ll spend time at the library, I guess, reading his book.

Read the rest of this interview on Buzzflash!

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