Greetings from New York

Eating Liberally, whose motto is “Free yourself from the fossil fuel food chain,” provided the tasty snacks for our first NYC book event on Sunday — and we just couldn’t resist sharing the menu with you:

Dead Fish Cakes — Ride the Hightower tide with this populist patty. Made from wild Alaskan salmon, local sweet potatoes & collards, scallions, whole wheat bread crumbs and local pasture-raised eggs.

Pork In A Barrel — Our corruption of the classic pig-in-a-blanket. Featuring Hawthorne Valley’s biodynamic and organic hot dogs encased in puff pastry

No Bunkum’ Buttermilk Biscuits — Because biscuits, like democracy, can’t afford to be half-baked. Our whole-grain version features whole wheat flour, leaf lard from Flying Pigs Farm’s heirloom pasture-raised pigs, buttermilk and grass-fed butter from Organic Valley.

Jim-gerbread Men — Like their namesake, these crisp, ten-gallon-hatted fellas are gingery and full of bite. Made with Organic Valley’s grass-fed butter, fair trade organic brown sugar, whole wheat flour, local pasture-raised eggs, molasses and spices.

King Coal Cupcakes — Flat-topped and bereft of frosting, in solidarity with the coal-industry flattened Appalachians. Our bittersweet chocolate tribute features whole-wheat flour, organic spelt flour, Valrhona cocoa powder, fair trade organic sugar, Organic Valley buttermilks, local pasture-raised eggs and Callenbaut bittersweet chocolate chips.

Dairy-free Dairy Cows — No birds or bovines were bothered in the making of these egg- and butter-free spice cookies. Made from whole wheat flour, spices, fair trade organic dark brown sugar and local bamboo honey (we forgot to give these bees a break, too — sorry vegans.)

Don’t Sell Yourself Shortbread — Every vote counts, and every bite, too! Pull that lever on Election Day and use your leverage as a consumer everyday. Featuring Organic Valley’s grass-fed butter, fair trade organic confectioners’ sugar, organic whole-wheat flour and almond meal.

More food news and good eats are available at Thanks, y’all!

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