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Hightower Responds: Why Farmers Vote Republican

Last week, we shared a 1984 speech from Hightower at the DNC, and it garnered a few comments from our readers who don’t understand why people in rural areas—and specifically farmers—vote Republican. Here’s what Hightower has to say in response:

Bribery, Bad. Campaign Donations, Good?

Listen now (2 mins) | What amazes me about outbreaks of bribery among high government officials is not just the level of greed involved, but that the take is often so cheesy. For example, there seems to be no end to the ongoing saga of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas peddling his position and prestige to right-wing corporate titans for… what? Free rides on their jets, golf outings, and assorted baubles. He’s supposed to be an impartial justice, but he consistently supports rich interests who’re picking up his tabs. We taxpayers provide $274,000 a year in salary to Thomas – why wouldn’t he buy his own baubles and protect a smidgeon of his judicial integrity?

Friday Signpost: People Literally Delivering Power to the People

Ted, a Hightower Substack subscriber in New Hampshire, commented on our last Open Thread post with this intriguing and inspiring news about grassroots people in his state creating “utility democracy” to replace profiteering utility monopolies: “So far, approximately 39 towns and cities have joined or are in the process of joining the

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