Washington DC — Robin Hood Tax Campaign Action Conference

Oct 29, 2013


Time : 1:30 PM

The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny sales tax on Wall Street speculation that would raise up to $350 billion annually and generate the necessary funds to create good jobs, guarantee healthcare for all, tackle climate change, end global HIV/AIDS, and revitalize public education and other critical public services.

The conference will highlight practical and creative ways to build the Robin Hood Tax campaign movement in Congress and at the grass roots. The event will also offer the opportunity for organizations and leaders who usually never sit down in the same room to meet and wrestle with that fundamental question that we all face in our work: äóìHow are you going to pay for it?äó

Expert leaders from the fields of media, social movement organizing, electoral politics, economics and global development will guide us through two days filled with policy dialogue, active engagement and direct lobbying. The conference will be highly participatory with ample time for casual social interaction.

Special Guests:
RoseAnn DeMoro äóñ Ms. DeMoro is the Executive Director of National Nurses United
Laura Flanders äóñ Ms. Flanders is the host of The Laura Flanders Show
Jennifer Flynn äóñ Ms. Flynn is Managing Director of Health GAP
George Goehl äóñ Mr. Goehl is the executive director of National People’s Action (NPA)
Erich Pica äóñ Mr. Pica is President of Friends of the Earth (FOE)
Anni Podimata äóñ Ms. Podimata is a Greek Member of the European Parliament
Robert Pollin äóñ Mr. Pollin is Co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute
Lynn Stout äóñ Ms. Stout is a Cornell professor
Wallace Turbeville äóñ A veteran finance industry insider
Jim Hightower

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