Kerry O’Brien in conversation with Jim Hightower at Byron Bay Community Centre (Australia)

May 16, 2012


Time : 8:00 PM

Making his first-ever public appearance in Australia, Texan political firebrand Jim Hightower will be onstage with Byron Bay’s own Kerry O’Brien for an hour and a half of Q and A about America’s crazy politics.

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As the popular boss of the state Agriculture Department, Hightower was seen as a hot candidate for governor, but along came Texas Republican George W Bush and his manager Karl Rove, and Hightower realised that with these guys in the race, a man could lose more than just an election. Since then Hightower has become a prolific book-writer, public speaker, radio commentator, and äóñ in partnership with Aussie feral-publisher Phillip Frazer äóñ he has built his Hightower Lowdown newsletter into America’s hottest political publication.

Hightoweräó»s insights will give you hope, and youäó»ll head home laughing at his one-liners such as ‘Some of these CEOs are getting so rich they could afford to air condition hell’ or ‘If the Gods had meant us to vote they would’ve given us candidates.’