Greetings from Texas

The joys of modern air travel. I wanted to get to Portland, OR in the worst way yesterday, so I flew American Airlines. Only American decided not to go to Portland, or anywhere where else — they grounded more than 1,000 of their jets. My office team did an amazing job of scrambling for other flights, but all were filled. Then, Melody made a breakthrough, finding one American flight out of Dallas that would get me to Portland in time for my second event of the evening. It meant rushing up Killeen (70 miles away) to catch a commuter flight to Dallas. Laura swept me up in her car and with a winning imitation of a NASCAR driver, got me to Killeen in record time. Alas, we were directed to the wrong airport but we quickly recovered and still got to the right place with minutes to spare. Unfortunately, still gasping for breath at the checkin counter, I was told that my Dallas to Portland flight had also been cancelled. So, Laura and I limped back to austin. (My apologies to the wonderful folks at the Oregon Bus Project who had pulled together a sold out event at the Bread & Ink Cafe, and to the terrific staff of the Powell’s bookstore who also had a sold out event at the Bagdad Theater and Pub. It truly was my loss miss these events.)

Today we will give the friendly skies another try, hoping to make it to Sebastopol, Sacramento, Seattle and Olympia events for the next few days.


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