Greetings from California

It’s a joy to work with so many of America’s independent bookstores on on this tour. In the past three days, we’ve done events with Stacey’s in San Fran, Cody’s in Berkeley and Book Passage in Marin County. The last one is renowned as a community center that draws serious readers and area activists eager to discuss ideas, and the place was overflowing with a rollicking crowd of about 250 on Friday. The questions were sharp the political spirits high — we even had a timely comment from Maggie, a dog that was in attendance. She had been perfectly still until I mentioned Dick Cheney’s name, at which point Maggie let out a yelp of disapproval, earning her the biggest applause of the whole event. Now I’m off to Colorado where we’ll working with such other greats stores as Boulder Books and Tattered Cover.


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