Here comes the Border-Industrial Complex

Friday, August 9, 2013   |   Posted by Jim Hightower
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At last, both Republicans and Democrats are beginning to respond aggressively to economic needs. "It has been a tough time," admits one Washington insider, applauding a new spending proposal that "could help out."

Unfortunately, he and Congress aren't referring to your tough times. No, no – they are rushing to the aid of the multibillion-dollar military-industrial complex. The government, you see, has not been getting our nation into enough wars to satisfy the insatiable appetite of Northrop Grumman and other war profiteers for government money. But now, they've spied a new place they can militarize with their high-tech, high-cost weaponry: The US-Mexican border.

In recent months, these corporate predators deployed an army of lobbyists to Congress, targeting the immigration issue. "Border security!" is their battle cry. They've already stuffed the Senate's immigration bill with $46 billion for more militarization of the 2,000-mile border, literally turning it into a corporate honey pot: More drones! More electronic gadgetry! More agents needing more weapons! More war toys!

Various corporate lobbyists put their specific wish lists directly in the Senate bill mandating brand-name purchases. For example, the bill requires the Border Patrol to buy six airborne radar systems from Northrop at $9.3 million each and 15 Black Hawk helicopters from Sikorsky at $17 million apiece.

What we have here is the emergence of a full-fledged monster – a Border-Industrial Complex pushing a permanent, ever-expanding border war. How long before they use the cry of "terrorism!" to militarize the Canadian border, too? And after that, my guess is they'll want to seal off those pesky anti-war radicals in places like Vermont! Ultimately, they can fence all of us in. Or is it out?

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