Made-in-America Imports

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Mon., 7/10/95 Bookmark and Share

"Blind Greed" is not the name of a town in North Carolina, but a couple of companies in the Tarheel State have recently put themselves on the map by shamelessly using our American flag to make a buck.

Start with the... [read more]


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There are so many good causes in the world, tugging at the hearts of all us humanitarians [sentimental music], but I want to call your attention now to a cause that I guarantee will bring tears to your eyes: "PROJECT... [read more]

Ballpark Yuppie-Food

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Time now for Hightower Radio's [Sports theme] Wide, Wide, Wide, "WILD World of Sports!"

The major-league baseball season is now in full swing, even though things have not quite settled back-to-normal after baseball's longest strike -- for example, the Chicago Cubs... [read more]

Prison Labor

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 6/29/95 Bookmark and Share

Psssst. Hey you . . . Big Shot. Yeah you, you corporate honchos. Want a source of really cheap labor? No worker's-comp to worry about, no health benefits to pay, no uppity attitude from workers?

Have I... [read more]

Big Oil Gets in Bed with Burma s Butchers

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Let me say something nasty to you: "SLORC."

Sounds nasty, doesn't it?

"SLORC," S-L-O-R-C. It stands for "State Law and Order Restoration Council," and it's way nastier than it sounds. This Council is the ruling junta of Burma, a grim... [read more]

Federal Sales Tax

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What's America's most-hated tax? Not the federal income tax -- polls show it only ranks as the third most despised. Second on the list is the property tax. Topping the list, the tax people most love to... [read more]