Bowl Games

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Fri., 12/30/94 Bookmark and Share

I used to think that professional golf was the ultimate, corporate sport. [Thwack!]. Fore! Not only does every player have assorted corporate logos emblazoned on their shirts, shoes, socks, sun visors, belts, wrist bands, knickers and all... [read more]

Endangered: The Common Box Turtle

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Environmentalism really just means paying attention to how heavily we walk on the earth, and being a bit more careful than we otherwise might be. Like Kermit the Frog says, It isn't easy being green.

Well, it's not... [read more]

Pete Seeger

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Ahh, sweet justice.

Every now and then a little poetic justice comes along to help wash away the tears of outrage and the sweat of the struggle. Such a moment came on December fourth at the Kennedy Center for Performing... [read more]

Taking the Air Out of Airplane

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My knowledge of physics and all things technological rivals that of a turnip, so I'm always amazed when I look out an airplane window and find that the wings aren't flapping. Yes, I've read the scientific explanations, but I... [read more]

Gallo: Making Wine Without Pesticides

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Back when I was in college -- and was something of a party animal -- "fine wine" was a concept we measured not by a bottle's delicate bouquet or its vintage, but by its volume -- as in:... [read more]

Hightower Radio s Last Minute Gift Ideas

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[Echo mike] Attention shoppers: We have a Blue Light special on aisle nine. For only $269.95 you can take home a hand-painted oil portrait . . . of a dog, dressed in military regalia. Only... [read more]