Time to Deal with the Chemical Connection to Breast Cancer

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 1/6/94 Bookmark and Share

Like a lot of writers, I can spend the better part of a morning getting ready to write -- getting the coffee going, my desk arranged just right, my materials organized by date, shape and color . . . anything... [read more]

Health Care Reform vs. Our Ethically-Challenged Members of Congress

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I'm telling you, somedays I think instead of reading the paper, it'd be less punishment if someone would just [whack, whack] beat me over the head with it 'til I passed out.

Did you see this news item on how various... [read more]

Joycelyn Elders: Hip-Hip-Hooray!

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Here's a heartfelt offering to U.S. Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, from the Chat & Chew Cafe Chorus [counter clatter] -- OK, all together now: [chorus: "Hip-Hip-Hooray!"].

I like this lady's honesty. The Clinton administration takes a national poll, consults... [read more]

Doug Jones Average: New Year

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How 'bout that Dow!

The Dow-Jones average, I mean. It's Wall Street's pulse -- a measure of how the economy looks from the perky perspective of big corporate investors.

They're doing juuust fine, thank you, and the Dow Jones Average is... [read more]

Pesticides : The Delaney Clause

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Out in Boot Hill, Arizona, there s a tombstone inscribed: I was expecting this, but not so soon. Well, if timing is everything, it s no wonder the Clinton administration is behind. Jim Hightower . . .... [read more]

Ship Out American Executives, Not Jobs

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Wrigley -- the chewing gum baron -- once said, There are highly-successful businesses in the [U.S.]. There are also highly-paid executives. The [secret] is not to intermingle the two. Jim Hightower . . . right... [read more]