Wisconsin governor bets on corporate scam with tax dollars

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 9/17/15 Bookmark and Share

One gamble that's a more certain loser than throwing your money at Las Vegas casinos is letting public officials throw our tax dollars into building new stadiums for profiteering owners of sports teams.

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It's time to free students from higher-ed debt

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In the 1960s, I attended the University of North Texas, a public school blessed with good teachers and an educational culture focused on enabling us students to become socially useful citizens. And it was affordable... [read more]

Scott Walker's goofy wall idea

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Donnie Trump is said to be the goofiest presidential pretender in the GOP stable – but, after all, he is a professional, made-for-TV stuntman, so his P.T. Barnum political shtick is no surprise.

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Battling the forces of inequality in Grand Rapids

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"Inequality" is not a condition. It's a creation. Inequality is produced by thousands of decisions deliberately made by bosses, bankers, and big shots to siphon money and power from the many to the few.

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How wacky are America's plutocratic billionaires? Meet Tom Perkins

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You know your presidential campaign is in a heap of hurt when you need Tom Perkins to defend your "abilities, intellect, and talent."

But there Perkins was in the New... [read more]

Scott Walker's incredible foreign policy

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It's time now for the latest chapter in the thrilling global adventures of: "Scott Walker, Commando!"

Walker – the right-wing Wisconsin governor who's backed by the mighty money muscle of the... [read more]