Walmart scheme steals from taxpayer and its own workers

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Mon., 10/13/14 Bookmark and Share

Gosh, time flies when it's pushed along by a jetstream of greed.

It seems like only yesterday that Walmart executives announced with self-congratulatory fanfare that the super-rich retailing colossus was... [read more]

Get a whiff of "synthetic biology"

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Fri., 10/10/14 Bookmark and Share

It's always inspiring to see global corporate giants crush small farmers, stomp on nature, circumvent our laws by hook or crook, and deceive and gouge consumers.

Welcome once again to the... [read more]

The mendacity of GMO purveyors

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 10/9/14 Bookmark and Share

Tenacity can be a virtue. But the persistent push by giant food conglomerates to deceive us consumers has turned their tenacity into raw mendacity.

Brand-name food peddlers are spending hundreds of... [read more]

A gross purchase of GOP governors

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Wed., 10/8/14 Bookmark and Share

Perhaps you think that corporations use their campaign donations to buy politicians who then deliver public policies the corporate donors want. And perhaps you think this is corrupt, anti-democratic, and… well, stinky.

... [read more]

Validating Marriott's low-wage exploitation

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Tue., 10/7/14 Bookmark and Share

As an old popular song asks, what do you get if you "work your fingers right down to the bone?" Boney fingers.

As housekeepers in the sprawling Marriott chain of hotels... [read more]

GOP boo-boo reveals secret corporate donors

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Mon., 10/6/14 Bookmark and Share

Some people have a recurring nightmare of rising to give a speech, but realizing they know nothing about the topic – then realizing they're naked.

It turns out that corporations also... [read more]