US General salutes a military “hero”

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Thu., 3/12/15 Bookmark and Share

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of staff, has a particular military hero he wants to honor.

Well sure – who doesn’t admire Gen. George Washington? Or maybe... [read more]

A Supreme political fraud to gut Obamacare

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While we know that an anti-government group funded by plutocratic corporate powers is behind the lawsuit intended to terminate Obamacare – who are the four people who're out front as the actual plaintiffs in the... [read more]

An upstart People's campaign is upsetting Chicago's mayor

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If you're in a big political race, you know you're doing poorly when your campaign resorts to warning local voters that electing your opponent would upset Wall Street bond dealers.

Amazingly... [read more]

The GOP gang of Supremes go after Obamacare

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Look out, the Supreme Court's black-robed gang of far-right ideologues are rampaging again! The Supreme clan is firing potshots at Obamacare – and their political recklessness endangers justice, the Court's own integrity, and the health... [read more]

Defending the Alamo – from a UN takeover

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Good news from the front… The defenders of the Alamo are standing strong, bravely battling the forces of tyranny!

Wait… didn't the Battle of the Alamo take place in 1836? And... [read more]

GOP lets corporate lobbyists take over Congress

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Being a congress critter is not as cushy a job as many assume. After all, they have to write legislation, organize hearings, write speeches, round-up votes, and do all sorts of other legislative-y things to... [read more]