Why keep an expensive, illegal, invasive, spy program that doesn’t even work?

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President Obama's support for NSA's domestic spying program prompted a critic to say: "Given the unique power of the state, it is not enough for leaders to say: 'trust us, we won't abuse the data... [read more]

McDonald's uses MLK Day to whitewash its labor record

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I've noticed that local celebrations of Martin Luther King Day tend to be unique, for they've generally not been turned into yet another excuse for beer and barbecue parties.

Rather than... [read more]

The mobsters of Wall Street

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Assume that you ran a business that was found guilty of bribery, forgery, perjury, defrauding homeowners, fleecing investors, swindling consumers, cheating credit card holders, violating US trade laws, and bilking American soldiers. Can you even... [read more]

Why are NFL cheerleaders booing their teams?

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Let's turn now to the Wide, Wide, WILD World of Sports.

The big story at this time of year, of course, is the Super Bowl, that multi-multi-million dollar showcase of super-paid... [read more]

Congress critters can be lovable for a price

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A corporate lobbyist recently admitted to the New York Times: "Everybody is embarrassed about it. Although not so embarrassed that they don't do it."

"It" is the scandalous copulation between... [read more]

The highly-educated working poor: Adjunct professors

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There's a growing army of the working poor in our USofA, and big contingents of it are now on the march. They're strategizing, organizing, and mobilizing against the immoral economics of inequality being hung around... [read more]